The BEST Skincare Routine For Combination Skin!

Combination skin can be a tough cookie to crack. With so many variables like diet, environment, stress and hormones coming into play you skin can really change day to day. 
If you're new to the skincare world, combination skin means you are a mix of oily and dry skin. Perhaps you experience a bit of oil just in certain parts of your face, but not always. And some days you can be as dry as a bone. A combination of Oily and Dry skin! 
Now let's get to your Combination skin routine:
Step one to every combination skin routine is a bomb cleanser. Something that removes all your make up, is gentle but effective in removing dead and dry skin cells and leaves you feeling fresh and hydrated. 
The Answer: Dry Facial Cleanser- This creamy, dreamy cleanser has ultra calming Milk thistle, aloe and coconut oil all locked inside it's cute little bottle. It melts make up off your face, smells like heaven and really hydrates that cute face of yours. (Pro tip: always double cleanse your face. First cleanse removes your make up, second cleanse CLEANS YOUR FACE). Using a gentle brush is a sure fire way to ensure your skin is getting the clean and just the right amount of stimulation to give you glowing happy skin!
An essential step to keeping your COMBO skin happy is exfoliating. We recommend our Dry facial Exfoliant. This baby has ACTUAL FLOWER PETALS IN IT. it gently buffs away dry skin cells and oils to give you a more even, brighter and happier complexion without THE OUCH. It's so gentle and only needs to be done 2-3 times per week (depending on how you're feeling do not over exfoliate).
A very important factor to any skincare routine is HYDRATION. but especially combination skin. On days you feel more oily than other dehydration can play a factor. Our skins produce more oil when trying to compensate for the lack of water. 
The Answer: Hümbl Skincare Oily Facial Moisturiser. It's ultra hydrating formula hydrates and keeps oil under control ALL DAY LONG. Also it smells amazing and feels really calming for sensitive skins.