Double Cleansing- Why You Should Be Doing It

You may hear about double cleansing and girls swearing by it. But here is the actual reason it's essential to your skin health.
Our Faces go through a lot during a regular day. Sweat, smoke, air-conditioning, make up, touching, picking, sun exposure and so much else. 
The fact is that a single cleanse just isn't enough to get rid of all the day threw at us. Your first cleanse is designed to wash off the day. The make up, the environment, the sweat. 
Your second cleanse is designed to ACTUALLY clean that cute face of yours. Get into the pores and whisk away the unwanted dead skin cells, rather than just cleaning the surface. 
Our recommendation for double cleansing for Dry and Combination skin types- Our Dry Facial Cleanser. It melts away make up and the day on your first cleanse. On you second cleanse with this magical creamy cleanser it works its calming hydrating magic, with the help of Milk thistle, aloe and Coconut oil. Dirt and dry skin cells won't stand a chance.
Our recommendation for double cleansing for Oily- Acne prone skins is our Oily Facial Cleanser. It's jelly like texture really makes you skin feel clean and fresh. On your second cleanse pineapple and papaya enzymes work their magic in naturally exfoliating away dead skin cells and reducing pores. Helping keep acne and congestion out of sight and out of mind.