Hydrating mask for flying on an airplane
Have you ever found your skin looks like it needs a holiday, while flying to or from yours? Flying is one of, if not THE MOST dehydrating thing for our precious skins. The dry air that circulates in the plane dehydrates our skins causing our skins to produce more oil for oily skins resulting in pimples and painful breakouts.
Or for already dry skins triggering dry patches or eczema! The solution? Hydrating your skin before, during or after!
Being a Pimple prone, oily gal myself, I designed our FLIGHT MASK to be worn during flights so I arrive to my destination looking rested and glowy instead of sluggish and worn out! Every one who has ever done a long haul flight know brushing your teeth and washing your face in the airport bathroom is normal and much needed, and I myself, am DEFINITELY one to do so.
My steps I take to ensure I don't have a break out before I even get to my destination is double cleansing my face with my Oily Facial Cleanser (one to remove my make up) and the second cleanse I mix my Oily Facial Exfoliant to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin cells on the surface of my skin. I then apply a generous amount of FLIGHT MASK to my face before heading to my terminal to catch the red eye!
The Mask is designed to absorb into your skin (so no more looking scary walking around with a sheet mask on the plane, FLIGHT Mask is more hydrating without drawing the attention to yourself. Once you arrive at your destination or wake up for your complimentary brekky, head to the bathroom on the plane and wash me off with your cleanser, and follow with Oily Facial Moisturiser. 
You'll look like you've been on a holiday before you even arrive at your destination.