7 Things People With Perfect Skin Do Every Day

1. Double Cleanse every time! 

1 cleanse just isn't quite enough; especially if you wear make up. Your first cleanse cleanses off the day and make up. Your second cleanse actually cleans your face! Ensure you are doing this every time you wash your face to keep it fresh and clean!

2. Take Supplements

Glowing skin starts from within! Taking supplements like Zinc, and vitamins A and C can help you in maintaining a healthy complexion! 

3. Spend Extra Time On Night Time Skincare Routine

Your skin is nocturnal and works it's hardest at night time! Making beauty sleep a real thing! Using your strongest most effective products at night time will increase the effect they have on your skin.

4. Wear SPF everyday!

Protection from the sun will ensure you aren't wasting your time using skincare and indulging in your skincare routine. It's essential to use sunscreen to prevent skin ageing, sun spots, discolouration and dehydration. 

5. Hydrate on the Inside and Out

Hydration is key to a happy body and complexion. Use products that have Hyaluronic acid (Like our Ultra Hydrating Flight Mask) It holds 1000x it's weight in water. Aim to drink at least 2L of water each day- your organs will thank you!

6. Eat the Rainbow

Fruits and Vegetables contain essential vitamins and antioxidants our skin needs to produce healthy skin cells. Incorporate fruits and vegetables into every meal. You are what you eat!

7. Use facial massage tools

One of the best ways to drain toxins, and increase blood flow is using facial massage tools, like a Rose Quartz Roller  Pair with a hydrating serum or mask for max glowing skin benefits.