How to Build A Skincare Routine

With so many products on the market it can be really hard to know what works, what’s a waste of money and what’s right for you. In this step I’ll discuss a few things to think about before purchasing any products.

1. Budget. This is an obvious one for most, but it think it’s a normal thing to think that you have to buy the best to have the best, but with so many good affordable options out there it’s good to know that you can have good skin and not spend your entire paycheck. Think long term. You’re going to have to refill your products every 1-2 months depending on the size of the bottle. Ensure you’ll be able to fund restocking as well as being able to purchase everything you need to treat your skin type and skin concerns.

2. Keep it simple! If you aren’t someone who is going to do a 7 step skincare routine morning and night, don’t get sucked into purchasing one. Keep it simple and expand when you’re ready. Start with just a cleanser and moisturiser if you have to, then introduce your exfoliants, toners, serums etc (only if you want to) there’s so much pressure to be using every product and ingredient under the sun these days when sometimes just getting the basics right is way more effective.

3. Ethics. Do a bit of research to see what brands stand for the same things as you or that speak directly to you. If being cruelty free, vegan or plastic free is important to you, research the brands that reflect those ethics and you’ll often find they have other products you like as well.

4. Skin type niche. Its great shopping from a brand that specialises in your skin type or concern because it’s obvious they know what they’re talking about! ( I’m currently loving Humbl Skincare Oily Skin Range its for sensitive, acne prone skins).

5. Stay away from Cheap, department store brands. I’m not saying all department store brands are bad, but I generally stay away from anything you can purchase in a grocery store or supermarket. They often have unhappy skin ingredients, cheap fillers and alcohols. (I’ll touch more on good and bad ingredients later).

6. Subscriptions. Subscription based skincare companies are great because you can save money, and not have to worry about running out of products or forgetting to buy more if you’re a busy bee.

7. Time. Like I mentioned above, don’t commit to doing a 7 step routine if you won’t actually do it. Be realistic. Whether you’re a busy mum, or only shower/wash your face at the gym before work, then pick a routine that’s going to fit into your lifestyle so it doesn’t feel like such a chore.